Do you want beautiful dentures?

Afraid to smile? Do you want better fitting dentures that fit securely, are comfortable and look natural?! We are able to create all types of natural looking dentures that once expertly fitted, will restore your smile and transform your appearance putting an end to any denture embarrassment and self-consciousness.

We are able to offer all aspects of denture solutions in a variety of materials , for anything from a single tooth solution to a set of complete upper and lower dentures!

Denture Stabilisation Utilising Implants

With the use of implants , dentures can be made to clip onto these, locking the dentures in place and  stopping them from moving around. This is a really effective solution whose benefit is seen instantly. As the single most effective treatment for ill fitting and loose dentures, dental implants will provide you with the healthy, attractive and long-term solution that makes your dentures feel more secure.

This is a very common scenario used routinely by ourselves to great effect and it is life changing for many people immediately!

The minimum requirement for denture stabilisation is two dental implants in your lower jaw. In some instances we can even work and modify an existing denture.

Locator attachments with two dental implants used to stabilise a lower denture. The amount of retention can be adjusted by modifying inserts

Bar attachment used to link two dental implants to stabilise a lower denture

Fixed bar with Locator attachments used with four dental implants to stabilise a lower denture.

All on 4 – denture/ bridge fixed to implants.